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Sigma Software Labs takes startups to new orbit: identity and concept makeover

Harsh times are difficult for inventors and investment raising, while the need for innovations to face emerging challenges is incredibly high. We at Sigma Software Labs rise to the occasion. It boosts startup support and issues a new concept of its mission.

The essence of the Labs’ mission was reflected in its new design concept and identity – a launch vehicle that takes young companies to new orbits. The power of a world-class IT consultancy brand Sigma Software as well as synergy of the customers and partners network are used as moving powers to accelerate and boost innovative product solutions and portfolio startups. This synergy of product and service businesses aims at helping startups to overcome the gravity and boost up them to their voyage.

The components of Sigma Software Labs launcher include:

  • Product and service businesses’ synergy
  • Scaling opportunities via Sigma Software 200+ B2B connections worldwide
  • Opportunity to get Sigma Software Labs as an investor
  • Ongoing comprehensive support
  • Qualified technical mentorship from top developers of a premier IT consulting company
  • Fundraising opportunities and access to the list of VCs
  • Participation in creative and tech-related initiatives and events
  • Secured space and infrastructure support

“It’s not easy to overcome the gravity and take off for young businesses. Sigma Software Labs acts as a carrier powered by ample resources and supported by the established ecosystem of premier IT consultancy brand – Sigma Software, and the well-established network of its partners and investors“, explains Daria Yaniieva, Investment Director at Sigma Software Labs

Daria continues, “Proper guidance for our startup starships gains traction. Our first portfolio company, a drag-n-drop AI platform, attracted the world-famous NEAR Foundation as the strategic partner with investments for its further development just in several years after the launch.

Sigma Software Labs never stops. They continue adding new companies to their portfolio. Recently, the Labs’ universe has embraced startup Coaty. It’s a metaverse solution using NFT, which allows brands to attract new customers and provide effective advertising through the gaming component.

Sigma Software Labs team also supported Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem pavilion within Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon. They presented product and service businesses synergy together with BlackSnow AR backed by Sigma Software tech expertise and implemented in the Mall of Emirates to improve customers’ experience.

Apply your idea to overcome the gravity together with ultimate universe for young businesses and startups.