Sigma Software Labs is a new opportunity for IT-community in Ukraine

Sigma Software Labs is an innovative platform for the startups and technology companies development, which provides an opportunity to gain international customers and attract investment.

This project is created by Sigma Software as a separate investment area.

Our team includes professionals with a wide range of knowledge in engineering, marketing, development, investment, finance fields etc. We are best suited for supporting IT entrepreneurs and scaling technology companies.

Our goal is:


Development of the Ukraine technical startup ecosystem.


Providing opportunities for business development to Ukrainian products and services in other countries.


Search for investments and partners through the network of Sigma Software worldwide.


Participation in creative and professional-technical initiatives and events.


Promotion and enhancement of Ukraine’s brand on the world stage.


Search and support for talented entrepreneurs and teams.

We receive new questionnaires from startups and evaluate them on an ongoing basis. Thanks to this, we’ve gathered a wonderful portfolio of companies that are already changing the world for the better.

We will help startups and small service companies to find an innovative and safe place in the largest IT hubs in Ukraine

Great technical ideas come along with questions and challenges.
How to build a team?
How to find investors?
Which market is appropriate?
How to register a company?
… and more

Sigma Software Labs can easily answer all of the questions.
On the way to a large company with Sweden, USA, Germany and other countries partners, Sigma Software overcame a lot of mistakes, ups and downs. But you do not need to reiterate this painful path, ‘cause we’re ready to share insights with you.

Our support and opportunities will take your idea to new heights

The success formula is quite simple – people who are obsessed with the idea, a place where they are working in total comfort, and qualified experts’ advice. It’s all about Sigma Software Labs – unique space for young businesses and startups based on Sigma Software.

Our residents receive:

  • Protected space and infrastructure support
  • We are expanding your presence throughout Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnytsia)
  • Access to the list of venture funds
  • Way in to the Sigma Software Group clients list
  • Opportunity to get Sigma Software Labs as your investor or technical mentor

Here is a great opportunity for starting joint work!

We are expanding our technology business and developing Ukrainian startup ecosystem!

We help to reach a new level together, because Sigma Software Labs is a technical company professional environment that provides you with opportunities and resources to grow your business confidently and faster.