Sigma Software Labs is a new opportunity for IT-community in Ukraine

Sigma Software Labs is a supernova startup accelerator based on the product and service business synergy. Created by premier software development company Sigma Software as a separate investment area aimed at helping creative ideas to enter the new orbit.


Our acceleration spacecraft contains of:

  • leading industry professionals with a strong expertise in engineering, marketing, development, investment, finance fields etc.
  • breakthrough technologies
  • opportunities to gain international customers
  • investment attracting programs
  • ongoing support and partnership



Boosting Ukraine’s technical startup ecosystem


Providing business development opportunities for Ukrainian products and services in other countries


Engaging investments and partners through Sigma Software network worldwide


 Participation in creative and tech related initiatives and events


Comprehensive support of brave decisions from development stage up to raising new rounds


Accelerate the development of talented entrepreneurs and teams taking them on board

Constant startup applications assessment allowed to highlight promising ideas and collect a giant galaxy of successful investments.

Providing startups with innovative and safe place in the largest IT spaces in Ukraine

Great technical ideas come along with a spectrum of questions and challenges:

  • How to form a rocket team?
  • How to find investors?
  • Which market is appropriate?
  • How to register a company?
  • …and more

On the way to becoming a strong company, Sigma Software overcame a lot of mistakes, ups and downs and our team will share these insights with you.

Our support and opportunities will help your idea to overcome the gravity

The success formula is quite simple — people obsessed with the idea, a place with total comfort, and top experts’ mentorship. It’s all about Sigma Software Labs — ultimate universe for young businesses and startups based on Sigma Software.

Our residents get:

  • Product and service business synergy framework
  • Secured space and infrastructure support
  • Multiple available locations throughout Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnytsia)
  • Access to the list of venture funds
  • Business scaling through the Sigma Software Group clients network
  • Qualified technical mentorship with top IT consulting company developers
  • Opportunity to get investment from Sigma Software Labs or partner venture funds 

Expand your idea with the space speed and get the top industry experts support

Developing Ukrainian startup ecosystem based on the product and service business synergy framework

Sigma Software’s strong experience in the framework of product and service business synergy helps to go beyond the standard progress orbit, providing with opportunities and resources to grow your business confidently and faster.

We are participating in industrial events on the ongoing basis, providing a direct impact on the Ukrainian startup ecosystem development by creating new opportunities clusters for promising ideas.